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Three new Illumina NextSeq2000 machines now in GeneCore!

These machines have two types of reagents - P2 and P3 that differ in the number of clusters generated. There is no difference in the reagents if you run Paired-end or Single-end.
That means that for example in P3 200 kit, you can run this as 200bp Single-end or 100bp Paired-end. Expecting to have around 1100 MIO single-reads or read-pairs respectively.
Important: For pair-end sequencing, it is necessary to have dual index setup because of index hopping ( more on that here. )
Below you can find a table, comparing the NS2000 with NS500:

Reagent Type Reagent Kit size Maximum Number Of Bases
NextSeq 500 Mid (130 MIO clusters)
High (400 MIO clusters)
75 92
150 168
300 318
NextSeq 2000 P2 (400 MIO clusters) 100 138
200 238
300 327
P3 (1100 MIO clusters) 50 88
100 138
200 238
300 327


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Coronavirus update:

GeneCore is open. We are receiving external samples.
If you are sending ready-to-run libraries, please note they need not be sent on dry ice. All samples should be sent in 1.5 mL low-binding tubes.
If you have questions, we kindly ask you to contact before sending samples to us.
Please take care and stay safe.
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A suite of bioinformatic tools: GEAR genomics has a new address. This tool has been co-developed by our colleague Tobias Rausch.
It encompasses a wide range a handy utilities with easy-to-use web interface. Give it a go :)