Types of Service:

  • this method is run as a self-service
  • unrestricted access to the LifeTechnologies StepOne instruments
  • SDS Software
  • First time user training
  • consulting and troubleshooting
  • Providing necessary consumables
  • mi-PCR based as full service

Mode of access:

Please reserve the instruments for your experiments on EMBL's Google calender system.

Yo may link up to the following calenders:
HD-GC-StepOne 1
HD-GC-StepOne 2
HD-GC-StepOne 3

There is a known issues with Google calender.
* You may klick twice on the resource in the navigation panel to see the bookings.
* The colours may differ from your settings.

You may download analysis software, when you have registered with GeneCore.

Valuable Links:


Primer Database for RT-PCR

RTPrimerDB is a public database for primer and probe sequences used in real-time PCR assays employing popular chemistries (SYBR Green I, Taqman, Hybridisation Probes, Molecular Beacon) to prevent time-consuming primer design and experimental optimisation, and to introduce a certain level of uniformity and standardisation among different laboratories.

We strongly encourage researchers to submit their validated primer and probe sequence, so that other users can benefit from their expertise. The database can be queried using the official gene name or symbol, Entrez or Ensembl Gene identifier, SNP identifier, or oligonucleotide sequence.

Different options make it possible to restrict a query to a particular application (Gene Expression Quantification/Detection, DNA Copy Number Quantification/Detection, SNP Detection, Mutation Analysis, Fusion Gene Quantification/Detection), organism (Human, Mouse, Rat, and 17 others) or detection chemistry. Data submission is allowed after free registration whereby you obtain a login name and password.

Calculate PCR primers.

Service provided by Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research.

SDS 2.0.5

Most recent evaluation software for qpcr on our ABI 7500 devices. For serial number type in a random number with at least 8 digits.

SOS 2.3

Most recent evaluation software for qpcr runs from our ABI StepOne devices. For serial number type in 272006386.

Fluidigm RT PCR Analysis

Most recent software for Fluidigm results.

Fluidigm Digital PCR Analysis


abi QuantStudio6

Evaluation Software for abi QuantStudio 6 (License free)



Open Access: Reference genes for RT-qPCR